Giving Salt a Fair Shake.

Most people who enjoy our snacks are surprised to learn that Herr’s potato chips and corn chips are actually much lower in salt per serving than foods like tomato juice, frozen pizza or canned soups. Because the seasoning in Herr’s snacks is on the surface, the salt flavor is higher than the actual salt content—which is generally less than 10% of your recommended daily sodium intake for a 1-ounce serving.

Of course salt in itself is not a bad thing. In the right proportions, it’s an essential mineral that helps to manage the volume of fluids in our bodies. As with most foods we enjoy, the key to enjoying snack foods that contain salt is, balance and moderation. Staying active, managing your stress, eating regular meals and setting aside time to spend with the people you love--as long as you’re treating yourself right, there’s no reason you can’t also treat yourself to something tasty.

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