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HERR’S® Introduces New Chickie’s & Pete’s Famous Crabfries® Seasoned Potato Chips

NOTTINGHAM, PA (February 10, 2016) - Due to unprecedented demand, Herr Foods Inc. announced today the early release of its new Chickie’s & Pete’s® Crabfries® Seasoned Potato Chips. Both highly recognized in the Philadelphia region, Herr’s®, headquartered in Nottingham, Pa. and a leader in the snack food industry, and Chickie’s and Pete’s, a Philadelphia-based sports bar and restaurant group, have joined together to offer consumers this winning snack combination.

"Herr Foods is the only snack food company to bring the Chickie’s & Pete’s Famous Crabfries flavor to potato chips," said Ed Herr, President and CEO of Herr Foods Inc. "Their savory seasoning combined with our classic Herr's Ripples Potato Chips make for the perfect snack. This collaboration of two regional favorites was a natural fit for us."

A staple at its restaurants since 1977, Chickie’s & Pete’s Famous Crabfries are crinkle-cut French fries sprinkled with a secret blend of spices, served with its one-of-a-kind White Creamy Cheese Sauce for dipping. The new potato chips feature the restaurant group’s Famous Crabfries seasoning on Herr's Ripple Potato Chips along with a special white cheese sauce flavoring to replicate the full flavor of the Famous Crabfries experience.

Long lines at the ballparks, stadiums and arenas prove that Chickie’s & Pete’s Famous Crabfries are central to the sports culture in the city of Philadelphia. Herr’s new Crabfries seasoned potato chips allow consumers to bring this famous Philly flavor from the game to their home.

"As a lifelong Philadelphian, I’m excited for us to be partnering with an iconic brand such as Herr’s to create this new, flavorful snack," said Pete Ciarrocchi, Chairman and CEO of Chickie’s and Pete’s. "This new variety is the perfect choice for consumers to enjoy our beloved Crabfries flavor at home during their favorite sporting event."

The new Chickie’s & Pete’s Famous Crabfries Seasoned Potato Chips retail for $1.49 per bag and are available now in markets in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. All Herr’s products, including this new variety, are also available through the Herr’s website. For more information, please visit or join the conversation at

About Herr Foods Inc.

A recognized leader in the snack food industry, Herr Foods Inc. is headquartered in Nottingham, Pa. The family-owned-and-operated company began 70 years ago in Lancaster, Pa., and now employs over 1,500 people who make 340 delicious snack products that are available worldwide.

About Chickie’s and Pete’s

Chickie’s and Pete’s is a Philadelphia-area sports bar and restaurant group with 14 locations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Founded in 1977 by Peter and Henrietta (Chickie) Ciarrocchi, Chickie’s and Pete’s started as a single location in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia and has since grown to become one of the most recognizable brands in the region. Its famous, one-of-a-kind Crabfries┬« concession locations can be found in stadiums, arenas, boardwalks and amusement parks throughout the area. Chickie’s and Pete’s is a leader in forging innovative strategic partnerships and utilizing technology to bring together casual dining with interactive sports entertainment. The company combines family-based values with a love of all things sports in each of its locations.